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Customer Benefits

v12books provides advantages and services similar suppliers ensure only to some extent.

Following up ten matters of fact, they emphasize customer benefits guaranteed by v12books.

Exclusivity   At v12books literature is offered only to the marque Ferrari, inherent Alfa Romeo.

Availability   Fake offers, (ware currently not available / missing prices, etc.) not with us!

Structure   More than 2300 as per topics grouped articles and three convenient sort functions.

Contents   Exact just as fact-based descriptions of the goods, made accessible by an expert.

Visualization   Throughout complete and free of cover-up images, for all sales items.

Quality Indications   v12books declares bare non particulars pursuant to book condition grading.

Value & Price   Retail prices compliant with supply and demand, considering the product quality.

Safe Delivery   Zero loss in transit and not any lost parcel, due to constant shipment tracking.

Your Offer   Be seller at v12books, offering wares unlimited in time for relative small sales commission!

Sustainability   We are here for you since 2009. The average durability of online shops, it is 26 month.