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About Us...

The idea to become the best single provider with registered seat in Germany
for print media concerning the Ferrari brand with v12books doesn't just come
out of the blue!
An archiving activity relating to exactly this subject which had been continuing
for more than thirty years is inducement to have ready a unique offer platform
for the exciting field of literature on Ferrari with its hardly imaginable branches.

v12books is not simply a provider of Ferrari literature. To convey knowledge
about the contents and the accompanying circumstances of publications is for
us a natural offer to you. Along with specific advice we offer to make literature
titles available to you by means of careful research.
Since October 2012 we also sell reading matters and collectibles on Alfa Romeo

We at v12books attach great importance to consistently truthful indications of
quality for all wares on offer and to thorough ever stable packaging of your goods.

In order to organize the range to an optimum extent in line with your ideas we are
grateful for any suggestion.