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» Article  » Obiettivo e Trofei 

Obiettivo e Trofei

Obiettivo e Trofei

1983 / text I. / map, 243x243mm
(put to the right part of the binder, 18 of the originally 20 folded sheets made of
creme-colored heavy stock paper; in each case details to respective artist and the
date of creation of design are printed on page 1, the motif can be looked at on page 3)

Obiettivo e Trofei is a red folder with individual folded loose leaflets, each of illustrating a
sculpture or trophy commissioned by Alfa Romeo alongside with particulars about the creator.

Q4 - the outward of the map alone is shop-soiled and visibly out of shape; 2 leaflets are missing

Price: €36.00
incl. 19% VAT
plus forwarding costs

Article number: 7308