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» Article  » Mille Miglia 1957 

Mille Miglia 1957

Mille Miglia 1957

l'ultimo atto di una corsa leggendaria

Author: Carlo Dolcini
2011 / text I.E. / pp. 168 / ill. c. 37, b&w 152 / bound in boards, 277x248mm
(gloss-foil laminated cover, released without additional wrapper)

Author and editor of the available coverage have managed convincing to preserve an archaic
occurrence in a way that seems odd contradictory considering its horrible conclusion. Textflow
and illustration in this volume amaze, all the same does the thought through graphic design.
Reading the book two facts instantly attract attention. For one thing the reporting based on
exact research, for another thing the skillful staging of selected photos. The result is a per-
fectly structured book about the end of an important chapter in motorsport history.

Q2 - perfect condition; apart from the slightly yellowed margins

Price: €36.00
incl. 5% VAT
plus forwarding costs

Article number: 6867