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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

Giulietta Sprint

Author: Gaetano Derosa
2nd. Edition, Aug. 2007 / text I. / pp. 96 / ill. c. 73, b&w 73 / paperback, 271x244mm
(a volume from the series Le vetture che hanno fatto la storia)

Even today, about 60 years after its first appearance at the Turin Motor Show in 1956,
the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider is a car with timeless charm. Thanks to the Carrozzeria
it can be distinguished from congeners very well by dint of its remarkable
elegance. A new updated edition of Gaetano Derosa's book makes plain the technical
and the stylistic development of all different versions, followed by a chapter that is
destined to give an understanding of these vehicles use in motorsport competitions.
Truly expedient are professional instructions with view on reconstruction, if aimed
for, they support to bring back the automobiles original splendour.

Q2 - very good condition; the righthand edge of the front cover is hardly visible pushed

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