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The Legend Lives On

Author: Cesare DeAgostini
May 2003 / text E. / pp. 192 / ill. c. 17, b&w 171 / bound in boards, 251x259mm
(the book title is embossed golden on the spine of the black cover; contrary to the
pictured copy this one will be forwarded still wrapped in original plastic foil)

Since 1930, more than two dozen books have been dedicated to Tazio Nuvolari, the le-
gendary driver considered quite rightly the greatest of all times. The 50th anniversary
from his death, induced the author Cesare De Agostini to write a brand new biography,
in the light of having access to most recent researches and with the aim to offer to the
reader a portrait of great historical value through a brilliant and intriguing prose. The
volume is enriched by a wonderful collection of pictures, some of them not published
hitherto. A specific chapter is dedicated to the palmares of bike and car competitions
in which Nuvolari was involved from 1920 to 1950.

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