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» Article  » Vergessene Rennstrecken 

Vergessene Rennstrecken

Vergessene Rennstrecken

Legendäre Kurse In Aller Welt

Author: S.S. Collins, Gavin D. Ireland  [Photographer]
2011 / text G. / pp. 168 / ill. c. 153, b&w 36 / hard cover, 257x259mm
(German translation of the original British edition published in 2009)

Vergessene Rennstrecken [lost circuits] is a remarkable flashback reflecting old days
of racing and the venues. International circuits nature has reconquered little by little
but they still impressively bear witness to most different long gone eras of motorsport.
Acient monuments recalling victories, triumphs and defeats, in a way they also became
memorials for tragedies.

Q2 - all in all good; with a small kink at the bottom edge of the wrapper's back 

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