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Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari

The Man And The Machine

Author: Brock Yates
1992 / text E. / pp. 525 / ill. b&w 32 / pocketbook, 197x127mm
(embossed convex on the front cover, the book-title and the name of the author)

In order to discover the truth, Brock Yates one of the world's most authoritative automotive
journalists, has penetrated Ferrari's elaborated constructed shell. Here is everthing from
Ferrari's bizarre relationship with his illegitimate son to his brilliant marketing of the famous
Ferrari image; from his sordid affairs to his work with the Fascists in the Second World War;
from his fanatic passion for speed to his manipulative yet enormously effective management
techniques. The discoveries are often startling, occasionally absurd, but always dramatic.

Q2 - good condition; the corners are very slightly pushed, cover at the spine visibly faded

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