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Author: Luciano Greggio
Jan. 1992 / text I.E. / pp. 416 / ill. c. 216, b&w 211 / hard cover book 278x250mm
(with an introduction written by Gino Rancati)

Giovanni Bertone started in 1912 in his small workshop in Turin together with three diligent
artisan building animal-drawn carts. Eighty years later, his son Nuccio could take pride in the
following balance: 1500 employees, a factory on a 300.000 square meter site, several sub-
sidiary companies and a development center highly in demand, located in Caprie near Turin.
Considering the centenarian history of the Bertone company milestones in car body techno-
logy have to be recalled, in point of fact they will within this precious tome which is second
to none among all other books written about the celebrated Italian designer. All facts sta-
ted here and bar none all automobiles illustrated, bear the unmistakable mark of Nuccio
, originator of a miraculous style that remains to the realm of pure aesthetics.

Q2 - very good collector's condition; merley the surface of the dust jacket is slightly rubbed

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