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» Article  » La Leggenda Ferrari 

La Leggenda Ferrari

La Leggenda Ferrari

Author: Arnaud Pauper
2003 / text I. / pp. 8 / ill. c. 16*, b&w 4* / map, 361x310mm
(inside on the right a solid bright yellow cardboard slipcase is glued
to the map; enclosed *20 prints, dimension 11,6 x 13,6 inch and the
supplement, two folded sheets of similar size which are not stapled)

Sometimes, just as here, pictures suffice to elucidate a phenomenon.
With a few words the author conveys what renowned photographers,
among them Christian Bedei, Paul-Henri Cahier and Albéric Haas captured
with images. In the automotive world nothing and no one is on par with
Ferrari, Basta!

Q2 - good overall condition; surface of the map lightly rubbed, prints and attachment perfect

Price: €66.00
incl. 7% VAT
plus forwarding costs

Article number: 6218