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» Article  » Gruppo Sportivo Ferraristi Rezzato 

Gruppo Sportivo Ferraristi Rezzato

Gruppo Sportivo Ferraristi Rezzato

1956 - 2006

Author: Giuliano Maggini
2006 / text I. / pp. 144 / ill. c. 72, b&w 138 / hard cover, thread binding, 337x235mm
(Sixtyfour sheets of this copy, which was signed by the author, consist of creme-colored
heavy stock paper with rough surface and a slight but distinct pattern. The last 8 sheets
are of same paper weight but glossy. Through a cut-out at the bottom end of the wrap-
per's front the icon of the club can be seen; a small metal plate with a resin-coated image,
similar to the illustration on the front cover of the association's first publication, which
dates back to the year 1957.)

It is considered the oldest, hence the first club for Ferraristi at all! Gruppo Sportivo Rezzato,
situated east of Brescia originally it was a union for Mille Miglia and motorcycling enthusiasts,
which agreed on to put up with a few devotees of those cars bearing the emblem with the
prancing horse. From a present-day perspective a maddish circumstance, in retrospect rea-
son enough for some of the longstanding members to recall their historical appearing 'clan-
destine love' memories of old. Considered that only a single hard to find publication from
1957 exists, it tells from the club's early activities also in view of their passion for Ferrari,
this elaborately designed chronical is particular valued by hard to please collectors.

Q2 - near perfect condition, unread; very slight wear in spots to the edges of the dust jacket

Price: €79.00
incl. 7% VAT
plus forwarding costs

Article number: 6058