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The Ferrari Library

The Ferrari Library

A Compendium Of Items Published On Ferrari Since 1950

Author: David Moe
1st. Edition 1983 / text E. / pp. 124 / ring file, 279x211mm

The editor, once an avid collector of print media in any way on the greatest of all marques,
offered to the like-minded a compilation of Ferrari-literature for the first time with this dili-
gence work. Therein unimagined surprises will be found. Always all information was sorted
by categories and arranged in columns providing significant features to the listed items.
Besides of Ferrari-books all known factory publications were cataloged. A remarkable collo-
cation will be found on the last 19 double pages of the source book. Moe's labour presents
hundreds of magazine titles, not the periodicals, the monographic ones on the brand, but
all the other issues including a report or a chapter on Ferrari in a strict sense. The left half
of every spread offers space for individual notes. If there is any bibliography on Ferrari to
be rated a true research assistance, the one authored by David Moe has to be mentioned
most notably!

Q3 - the rubbed covering pages have slight creases; inside four handwritten markings

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