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» Article  » Le Grand Prix de PAU 1899-1960 

Le Grand Prix de PAU  1899-1960

Le Grand Prix de PAU 1899-1960

Author: Pierre Darmendrail
Jan. 1992 / text F. / pp. 200 / ill. b&w 512 / soft cover book, 300x239mm
(this is no book specially on Ferrari)

All the Grands Prix performed in the streets of Pau took place in the golden age of motorsport,
an era the greatest talents in racing history emerged from. The work of Pierre Darmendrail is
foremost a journey into the past, a time remembered with more than 500 nostalgic pictures,
undisguised images reflecting the enthusiasm for and the intensity of motorsport competition
in bygone days. Indication of source is provided for nearly every photo and to the best advan-
tage none of them is double-sided. The author recalls the past, year by year with reports and
tables alongside the images. For seven years Ferraris did start in Pau, four times they crossed
victorious the finishing line. Rare shots showing the Ferrari 125 with Raymond Sommer or Gigi
Villoresi at the wheel give one reason for the book may turn well-thumbed one day...

Q2 - good condition; merely the back cover is yellowed, minor wear otherwise 

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