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» Article  » Scuderia 5 - Magazine for Ferraristi 

Scuderia 5 - Magazine for Ferraristi

Scuderia 5 - Magazine for Ferraristi

Summer 1996

Publisher: Kenji Sasamoto, Kazuhide Ueno  [Editor In Chief]
1996 / text J. / pp. 132 / adhesive binding, 297x235mm

Scuderia~Magazine for Ferraristi does rejoice popularity by just as much sports car
enthusiasts completely lacking Japanese language knowledge than by those who
live in the land of the rising sun to become devotees of the marque as a conse-
quence of reading it. Published firstly in summer 1995 exactly 100 of the blazing
red, approximately 120-page issues have been released up to the end of 2012,
remarkably outside Japan hardly available. Chapters on seven topics are typical
for each Scuderia edition, such as reports on vintage Ferraris and their story com-
peting, reportages to conservation of historic Ferraris, the introduction of owners
avid collectors as well, coverage on races current Ferraris participate in, the intro-
duction of new cars made in Maranello, flashbacks with regard to all international
events and about the FCJ club life, not to forget the notes on Ferrari factory items
and the book reviews, furthermore worthwhile directions for scale models magpies.
Contributions of the marque's international adepts support and ensure the interest
in the series, a league of its own considering the quality of the images shown, One
of those connoisseurs cooperating is the major collector of Ferrari miniatures, the
most important archivist of Ferrari print media also a passionate owner of Ferrari
supercars, Junichiro Hiramatsu.

Q2 - good overall condition; top right the front cover and the first sheet have a slight crease

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