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World In Red  1

World In Red 1

Executive Editor: Laurent Blomet 
2001 / text F. / pp. 96 / magazine, 321x242mm
(n° 377 of the first issue limited to 500 copies, it was stamped accordingly)

With World In Red for the Ferrari enthusiast once a dream came true! Just as such have
created this large-size French magazine. With its english title, purposful to meet more
international interest, it was issued eleven times between 2001 and spring 2004. An al-
most 300-page catalogue with high-gloss cover was available from 2004 until 2010, an
annual publication than, entitled identical and remembered a bit unwieldily. The texts of
the issues number 1, 2 and 3 from the series are French, contents of those to come were
translated into English too. Recalling the Le Mans race in 2003 a special edition was com-
missioned by Jean-Philippe Moutti, publisher at the time, several versions with different
cover but same contents, made for the Ferrari teams participating in the 24 hours lasting
competition. The composition of reports to be be found in every single magazine can be
called a master stroke. Appraising the structure of pictures and texts, the quality of the
images in conjunction with the choosen typesets, on Ferrari no periodical of equivalent
value exists.

Q2 - good condition; slightly rubbed and with just very few wear in spots to the covers edges

Price: €34.00
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