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Una Curva Cieca

Una Curva Cieca

Vita di Achille Varzi

Author: Giorgio Terruzzi
Jan. 1991 / text I. / pp. 206 / ill. b&w 34 / pocketbook, 212x143mm
(contrary to the pictured book this copy will be forwarded still wrapped in original plastic foil)

Considering his skills he was next to Tazio Nuvolari, to the one cluttered with success but also
unlike him scarred from injuries, the best racecar driver ever. In the recent past Varzi's perfect
style of driving has at most been paralleled by a certain Alain Prost. But the lad from Galliate /
Piedmont started his career according to circumstances in his days as a motorcycle racer. Four-
wheeled on the go an infinite line of success ensued. They were achieved by him with Bugatti,
Mercedes, Maserati and Auto Union but foremost he was fast-paced driving Alfas of course con-
tracted by Enzo Ferrari. Telling his life is a unique work done here by Giorgio Terruzzi. An account 
extremly revealing in view of Varzi's calculated approach as a racer. The author plausibly explains
why the exeptional talented driver changed racing teams frequently and he offers insights to fur-
ther adventures and perils Achille Varzi put a risk on.

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