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» Article  » La Terza EFFE - Luigi Fagioli 

La Terza EFFE - Luigi Fagioli

La Terza EFFE - Luigi Fagioli

storia di un campione della velocità

Author: Gianluca Sannipoli
July 2008 / text I. / pp. 180 / ill. c. 88, b&w 209 / paperback, 221x231mm
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Together with Farina and Fangio he was the third 'F, - la terza effe - a member of the
Alfa Romeo - Grand Prix team in 1950. Gigi Fagioli, youngest of eleven children, son of
a pasta producer from Osimo/Marche started his racing career when he was already 27!
As regards the relation of starts and clinched podium places to this day he is unbeaten;
so that's to say about his skills being a racer back then! Fagioli was successful with
Maserati and Alfa Romeo, later on he earned amazing results with Mercedes and Auto
Union and he was invited to return to Alfa Romeo again after World War II. The author
Gianluca Sannipoli provides to the reader an entire report a mass of information nowhere
else obtainable comparably on this 'lead-footed' from the Ancona region. Needle-sharp
historic photos and most diverse facsimiles vividly convey impressions of what people
were fascinated by in the 1930s.

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