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Ferrari l'unico

Ferrari l'unico

Author: Gino Rancati
Nov. 1988 / text I. / pp. 204 / ill. b&w. 20 / hard cover book, 216x146mm
(this version was released without dust wrapper)

It's an educated guess that the entity of autobiographies is, they often comment subjective
and unidirectional on the writer's life. Turning out more substantial and in addition providing
a fullness of interesting details this biography written by one of closest confidants of Enzo
Ferrari will delight the reader. Gino Rancati offers seemingly incidental information which
helps to catch a better understanding of the character of Ferrari. Besides, he is the one to
have given a name for the last car creation supervised by Enzo Ferrari, the F40. His book
is the most common biography about the unique named "Smith".

Q2 - excellent near mint condition; two corners of the covers are minimally pushed

Price: €26.00
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