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» Article  » Una Vita Per L'Automobile 

Una Vita Per L'Automobile

Una Vita Per L'Automobile

Authors: Franco Gozzi, Enzo Ferrari
Feb. 1998 / text I.E. / pp. 374 / ill. c. 1, b&w 495 / case-bound, 337x247mm
(released without dust wrapper)

The idea for this book was to explain the great old man's life to his great-grandson who was
only six month old when Enzo Ferrari died. It was a somewhat keen perception to release a
publication, a story told by Ferrari himself though he had already passed for ten years. But
however the result is magnificent. Experiences, convictions and opinions expressed by Enzo
Ferrari, a plenty were recorded in the course of decades, they have been edited carefully for
this work together with a past belief variety of photos from his journey through life. Dates of
certain events have been added in brackets for the purpose of chronological clarification. Also
unique are the lot of entries from diaries and personal papers to be looked up exclusively in
this volume.

Q2 - good, unread; on the right the boards are slightly pushed in four spots

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