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La confessione-ritratto di un uomo che ha vinto tutto tranne la vita

Author: Enzo Biagi
1st. Edition, May 1980 / text I. / pp. 176 / hard cover book, 225x147mm

… The confession-portrait of a man who has won everything but the ability to live.
Enzo Biagi, one of the most respected and most courageous journalists from Italy
offers in his book an analysis of what he knows about Enzo Ferrari in comparison
with statements and comments of the 'Drake' first and foremost providing close
understanding to the reader to the effect that success at any cost exacts one's
toll acting morally questionable. His account to the life of the most widely known
compatriot makes good reading it is less caustical than some his colleagues Ferrari
biographies, rather favorable occasionally awestruck-critical.

Q2 - good overall; clipped, the price has been cut off at the bottom end of the back cover flap

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