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Tipo 166

Authors: Angelo Tito Anselmi, Gianni Rogliatti, Lorenzo Boscarelli
1st. Edition 1987 / text G. / pp. 150 / ill. c. 26, b&w 229 / hard cover book, 321x221mm
(German translation of the original Italian edition entitled Ferrari Tipo 166 - tutto su tutti
i modelli 166 sport e granturismo

The company Ferrari began to build 12 cylinder motorised vehicles at a time when
Italy all over was dreadfully war-drawn and confronted with vital miseries as a car
body builder in lack of material occasionally worked up a road sign. The enthusiasm
people raised to create cars for highest claims is hardly conceivable nowadays. The
most impressive achievement of the Ferrari company has its origins in those years.
The type 166 extensively described in this book is a part of this episode, of Ferrari's
early attempts.

Q2 - good condition; with only a few faint little creases along the edges of the dust jacket

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