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Piero Taruffi

Piero Taruffi

La Volpe Argentata

Authoress: Prisca Taruffi
June 2006 / text I. / pp. 206 / ill b&w 412 / hard cover book, 328x234mm
(original Italian edition; contrary to the pictured copy the book will be dispatched still wrapped
in its original plastic foil)

Who else but Piero Taruffi's daughter Prisca could have written a book covering more splendid
the long and exceptional career of the car and motorbike pilot, engine constructer, planner and
designer, tester, sport-technical director, jounalist and writer. Piero Taruffi has managed to be
a protagonist in many ways but his reserved character never made him a front page man. This
book has been published in celebration of his centenary year of birth including an abundance
of memories and testimonials pointing out each feature of his polyhedric personality.

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