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Quando Scatta Nuvolari

Quando Scatta Nuvolari

storie, velocità, passioni

Author: Dario Cimorelli
Sept. 2009 / text I.E. / pp. 288 / ill. c. 10, b&w 295 / soft cover, 281x231mm
(contrary to the pictured copy this book will be dispatched still wrapped in its original plastic foil)

Tazio Nuvolari, the great motor racing and motorbike champion, triumphed on roads and tracks
of three continents throughout a career that spanned three decades. Fifty-six years after his
passing no other sportsman born at the end of the 19th century continues to hold a special
place in collective imagination the way he does. Quando scatta Nuvolari, the title of this exhi-
bition accompanying catalogue plays on the double meaning of roaring off on the starting grid,
and shooting in the photographic sense. 300 previously unpublished photos on view from his
professional life and privacy taken by the champion himself compiled for posterity.

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