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The V-6 Ferraris

The V-6 Ferraris

of Tasman Cup 1968-1970

Author: Paolo Marasca
Oct. 2004 / text E. / pp. 152 / ill. c. 11, b&w 85 / hard cover book, 244x250mm
(with blind embossing of the title on the front cover; limited at 2.500 copies;
contrary to the pictured book this one will be forwarded wrapped in its original plastic foil)

In view of the contents this book is the first and only, which is dedicated to
formula 2 cars from Maranello to enter race contests in New Zealand and at
the east coast of Australia. Focal topic is the Ferrari 246/FL and the extremely
courageous driver Chris Amon. The chronicle covers three competition years,
during the first two years Amon could achieve six victories in 1969 he gained
the title. The author Paolo Marasca has created an outstanding work that
moreover remains remarkable considering the top-quality photos but finally
accomplished only in close association with the pilot from New Zealand who
once has been judged by Jackie Stewart with the words fast, precise and

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