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» Article  » Ferrari Dino 206GT, 246GT & GTS 

Ferrari Dino 206GT, 246GT & GTS

Ferrari Dino 206GT, 246GT & GTS

Pininfarina V6 road cars

Author: Ian Webb
1st. Edition 1980 / text E. / pp. 136. / ill. c. 11, b&w 85 / hard cover book, 219x194mm

Ian Webb, the author gives the Dinos the review they deserve. He describes their
origins, specifications and significance - good points and bad. He sets their case for
being a true prodgeny of Ferrari not just a Fiat with a Ferrari name. He also fits the
other Dinos in their place - the Fiat, front engined cars and the Lancia Stratos which
uses the same engine.

Q3 - clipped, the price has been cut off on the bottom of the front jacket flap; good otherwise

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